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Jan, I can tell you the most effective therapy for such numbeness I know of. You tan test the effectiveness of a 5 star mb12 in the correct qunatity by taking 50mg of Jarrow and 10mg of Enzymatic Therapy. This is 20 tablets, 10 of them larger than the others. You can likely place 6 of them at a time around the upper dental arch and every 30 minutes add 4 more. As these can be made to last 4 hours and this will be equivalent to an 10-18mg methylb12 injection you may very well feel it quickly. This will tell you what 3x10mg 5 star injectable mb12 can do for you. If you get acne then the mb12 was exposed to light and broke down to hydroxycbl and is ineffective. Further if you take 7.5mg of methylfolate 30 minuites before you take the mb12, absorbtion, utilization and retention will be improved. There are a buch of other cofactors that could be critical to healing but these will tell you how much is possible.


Oh, and I forgot to add that she is adding copper and some other metals to my tests to see if there are issues with that trying to pinpoint my numbness.


Hi Chris

Ok, background again, was dx in 07 with MS, but was not told I had a B12 of 362. It continued to drop. 08 it was 331, was not recorded in 09, and in 10 in was 151. Dr. was released from duty at the clinic, new dr. found the issue and began reasessing MS. Has all but ruled it out. Has me on B12 shots, they are the cyancocbalamin, 1ml, did 1 a day for a wk, then 1 a wk for a mo, just finished, and will go to monthly depending on my count next week. My count after the daily and one of the weekly was 475. I am ok for all the other areas you recommended. All of them. I had them checked. I won’t try to type them all, my hands are numb. They are worse than when I started. My feet are numb and worse as well. The numbness in my hands is simillar to tuning forks, a reverberating feeling. I fall down, have no reflexes left when they are tested, none in my knees, elbows etc, no reaction when the bottom of my foot is scraped. I cannot heel toe, etc. Blurry vision, crossed eyes to the far left or right, nystamus in left eye and eye muscle twitching when tired. Both of my eyelids had to be done to control drooping last year. Also, I do have a midbrain tumor, a glioma, which is very slow growing, near the aquaduct, that the first Dr. told me had disappeared. It has not. Needless to say, I am very upset. I have constant ringing in my ears. For the past five or six years. The lumbar punch was full of protein. The nerve conduction test, evoked potential, showed very little abnormality. I am having panic attacks. I see the Dr. next week, the neurologist. I was going to turn this over to my family dr., but I have decided to keep with the neurologist since this started there, I have the tumor to contend with and the brain surgeon is on the same floor and they confer and my family doctor has so much to catch up on and this is so complicated.

With all this info, and all my other numbers are in line, and also, I have a colonoscopy and endoscopy scheduled for next week, (I have taken prevacid for years, I have bad gastro issues), to see if there are any problems there that may have caused this B12 thing to begin with. I have spent two hosp. stays of ten days each passing only blood, once was ischemic colitis, and the other undertimed.

So, is there anything else that I should be doing? Folate, all of that is good. All the things that you say to check were, it made me feel very good that my dr. had checked them, she is on top of this.


Hi Goofy_mom,

I find the potassium gluconate to be comfortable on my stomach but not real quick compared to potassium chloride. Metaolin is almost always needed for the healing to switch on and when it does, need for potassium increase in 3 days typically. See the decision tree farther down the page I just posted. That will describe the folate insufficiency and deficiency symptoms. Often the potassium and folagte symptoms appear together and confuse everybody.

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So does this mean people can use B12 as an argument against veganism and vegetarianism?

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Jasmine, Only if you are so inclined. If a vegetarian supplements with mb12, adb12, Metafolin, L-carnitine fumarate and maybe a few other amino acids and such then there is no harm. I was damaged by being a vegetarian for 20+ years by only having cyanocbl to supplement and that doesn’t srop b12 deficiency from developing. I also have paradoxical folate deficiency and the more vegetable folate I eat the worse my folate deficiency gets. I have to have methylfolate from meat without folininc acid (much of veggie folate) to live and be healthy. Being a vegetarian that did eat eggs, milk, cheese and occasional fish still almost killed me. Wthout those small soucres of b12 and folate helped keep me alive, barely.


hehehe I was only trying to be a little facetious. I recently tried veganism just to force myself to learn about other types of foods, but when I realised B12 is only present in animal products I decided to end my vegan phase. I consider myself pretty intelligent, yet I was completely unaware of the fact that B12 is only found in animal products. It concerns me that the majority of vegans and vegetarians may not know about B12 deficiency.

Everyone who argues against veganism and vegetarianism uses examples like iron, protein, calcium etc to convince people that we ‘need’ meat and milk to be healthy, but those arguments don’t work on intelligent vegans who know their nutrients and vitamins and minerals and the plant sources that supply them. But how often do people mention B12 deficiency?! I hadn’t heard of it until I came here.

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Hi Jasmine,

As a vegan I am well aware of B12 deficiency and so are many others. Are you aware that just as many and maybe even more people who eat animal products are also deficient? I have been following this post for awhile and it seems more people who eat animal products post on here than vegans. So perhaps, mentioning B12 deficiencies to people who eat animal products should be a concern as well.


The coming of electricity also provides a medium for strengthening the social power of existing institutions. In Uroa electricity strengthened the standing of Islam, the villagers’ religious practices, and their affiliation with global Islamic networks ( Winther 2008 ). Amplifiers and speakers ensured that people would wake up for the 5:00 a.m. call for prayers, tape recorders and television programs conveyed the messages of grand religious leaders, and electricity-driven water pumps ensured access to clean water. Overall, the bright, fluorescent light radiating from the village mosques at night testified to the purity and omnipresent power of Islam in this place, evoking Henrietta Moore’s (1996) observation that the organization of the material world does not reflect social relations per se, but their representations. Because electricity’s infrastructures are physically heavy, costly, and enduring, their configuration continues to remind observers of who holds power. Conversely, women’s productive interests were not taken into account during electrification: female institutions in the village such as the mill and kindergarten were never electrified, reflecting women’s subordinated status in Uroa.

At the same time, the introduction of new technologies set negotiations of cultural values into motion. Electricity was quickly integrated into funeral and wedding ceremonies in Uroa by providing light for cooking and other activities at night, as well as powering the amplifiers and speakers to be used during religious talks and for music. Electricity was regarded as so indispensable at funerals and weddings that the electricity company made allowances for increased electricity use during these ceremonies. Similarly, the company allowed husbands with several wives living in separate buildings to save costs by connecting their various houses to the same electric meter, which is against formal regulations. A striking feature of the arrival of electricity was that the practices associated with many institutions and ceremonies were modified; nevertheless, access to electricity reaffirmed rather than changed existing ideologies and power relations.

Figure 1. Uroa at night. Photo by Tanja Winther.

The Zanzibari case exemplifies electricity’s potential to modify the geography of everyday movement, affecting everyday practices and relationships along the way. The desire to watch television prompted men to come home in the evening instead of spending time outside the house with friends. Living rooms were restructured to allow for gender-mixed settings of television viewing while still keeping a proper moral order. Due to the prestige of the modern couple hosting television-viewing time, the former gender hierarchy was temporarily challenged, elevating the female host’s social position above that of male guests. In general, people would socialize more in the evenings and go to bed later, leaving spouses with less time for intimacy. Moreover, outdoor space was regarded as safer to humans because spirits were thought to prefer darkness and tended to withdraw from (en)lightened villages. With electric light, villagers reclaimed outdoor spaces at night that were formerly the domain of occult forces.

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